Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I am a nurse AND a mommy...

    Hopefully, this little blog post will sum up some answers to the question that so many people ask me, day in and day out. "How do you do it?"

  I LOVE MY CAREER. I AM A NURSE. Being a nurse is NOT the easiest of career choices. You deal with people, and people are flawed. You deal with lives, and lives  are broken. You deal with families, and families are passionately...well...passionate. It most definitely can be exhausting not only physically, but emotionally. Let's talk about the upside. Nursing is rewarding; people are grateful, lives are saved, and families are reunited. Trust me when I say this, I did not choose to be a nurse, I was CREATED to be a nurse. So, people ask all the time "how do you do it? How do you work and go to school and have three children?" Well, multiple answers to this question.. For starters, my babies have a great Daddy, and wonderful grandparents that help out as much as they can. Secondly, because I spent/am spending way to much money and time on something that I actually take pride in doing. And lastly, BECAUSE I WANT TO! Oh, how blessed I am to be able to labor for my children! To work and help my husband provide for our family. TRUST ME, When I get weary, when I get tired, when I want nothing more than to sit and give up after a long day of being a wife, a mommy, a student, and a nurse, I think of what a JOY it is to work hard for my children. I sometimes get the impression that people think I choose all these things over my children... BUT, trust me when I say this, I choose them FOR my children.

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  1. Love you Jen!! You're my ispiration to keep going :) I'm so proud of you.